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TY361 Yarn Count Tester

Yarn Count Testing Machine, automatically calculates count systems used for sliver, roving and yarn, and can also be used for fabric yield. Yarn Count Tester consists of an accurate electronic balance with a capacity of 400g or 200g x 0.001g and built-in calculating program.
  •  Specifications :
Weight range 151g
Base size 120mm
Display Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with Backlight
glass draft shield with sliding top door, replaceable in-user cover
Unit tex, den, Nm, g, mg
  •  Dimensions :
320 x 350 x 250 mm
  •  Weight :
24 kg
  •  Power Supply :
220 V / 50 Hz
  •  Standards :
ISO 2060
Country of origine : China
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