EC820 Precision Benchtop Conductivity Meter Kit


Product SKU: APRPL822

The Apera Instruments EC820 Precision Benchtop Conductivity Meter provides reliable conductivity measurements with various intelligent functions and a durable structure. Equipped with Apera's high-precision BPB (Brush-Resistant Platinum Black) glass conductivity electrode (2401T-F), the meter measures Conductivity (EC)/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity/Temperature in a stable and accurate manner in wide ranges (0 to 2000 mS); Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S.
  •  High Precision: ±0.5% of Full Scale
  •  The BPB Glass Conductivity Electrode ensure Quick & Accurate EC measurements in wide ranges (0 to 2000 mS/cm)
  •  Easy swith among conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity
  •  Auto-rang swith. Auto non-linear Temp. Compensation for pure water and ultra-pure that is less than 10 μS/cm, which significantly improves the accuracy of ultra-pure water´s conductivity testing
  •  The large backlit LCD displays EC and temperature simultaneously along with icons of stable readings and finished calibrations.
  •  Quick and Easy 1 to 4 points auto calibration with calibration guide and reminder function (premixed standard solutions included)
  •  GLP Data management (500 groups of data storage)
  •  USB data output and software support


EC820 Conductivity-Meter

2401T-F Conductivity Electrode

602 Electrode holder

Calibration solution (84 μS/cm; 1413 μS/cm; 12.88 mS/cm) each 50ml


USB Cable


Power adapter

Country of Origin : China
Manufacturer: APERA

Intelligent Functions:

Quick & Easy 1 to 4 Points Auto Calibration. The Smart Self-Diagnosis helps you conduct proper calibrations and monitor the condition of your probes with electrode's slope data display. The large clear LCD displays EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity and temperature simultaneously along with icons of stable readings and finished calibrations.

GLP Data management (500 groups of data storage), USB data output and PC software support. Timing measurement/data logging mode and Smart calibration reminder function available.

Reliable Structure:

IP54 Waterproof and Dustproof, ideal for use in harsh environments. It comes with a complete test kit including a EC820 Precision Benchtop Conductivity Meter, a Conductivity Electrode/Sensor, a flexible electrode arm and holder, a USB cable, a PC-Link Software disk (windows-based system only), a power adaptor, and 3 bottles of calibration solutions. The product is CE certified and comes with a Three-Year Warranty for the meter, and a 6-Month warranty for the electrode.


Conductivity Measuring Range

Total: 0 to 2000 mS/cm
0.00 to 19.99 μS/cm
20.0 to 199.9 μS/cm
200 to 1999 μS/cm
2.00 to 19.99 mS/cm
20.0 to 199.9 mS/cm
200 to 1999 mS/cm

TDS: 0 to 100 g/l

Salinity: 0 to 100 ppt

Resistivity: 0 to 100 MΩ*cm

Conductivity Resolution

0.01 μS/cm; 0.1 μS/cm; 1 μS/cm;
0.01mS/cm; 0.1 mS/cm; 1mS/cm

Conductivity Accuracy

±0.5 % F.S. ±1 digit


Automatic 1- to 4-Point-Calibration

Electrode Connection


Temperature Compensation

0 to 50 °C (automatic or manual)

Electrode Constant

0.01/0.1/1/10 cm-1

Temperature Measuring Range

-10 to 110 °C

Temperature Resolution

0.1 °C

Temperature Accuracy

±0.4 °C ±1 digit



Data Storage

500 Groups

Data Content

Numbering, Date, Time, Measurements, Unit, Temperature

Data Output


Power Supply

DC 9 V/300 mA

IP Rating

IP54 (waterproof and dustproof)


203.2 × 241.3 × 101.6 mm

(with case 270 × 250 × 180 mm)


1 kg (with case 3.2 kg)


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