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Looking for the latest pipetting innovation at an attractive price? WITOPET premium is just the right pipette for you. The ergonomic designed pipette of optimal weightiness requires extremely low pipetting forces making even prolonged pipetting as comfortable as possible. Other innovative features are the adjustable tip ejector button and the built-in volume locking. Moreover, WITOPET premium is characterized by superior accuracy and precision. Our error ranges are better than those required by DIN EN ISO 8655-2.

Scope of supply of the Starter kit:

  •  1 WITOPET premium 20µl
  •  1 WITOPET premium 200 µl
  •  1 WITOPET premium 1000 µl
  •  1 Gilson Diamond® pipette tips D1000, Tipack 100-1000 µl
  •  1 Gilson Diamond® pipette tips D200, Tipack 2-200 µl
  •  3 single pipette holders
  •  1 calibration tool
  •  1 “2-minute inspection” poster
Country of Origin: France
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